How to Create Automatic internal links in Blogger

How to Create Automatic internal links in Blogger Websites

Friends, if you are a blogger and you want that your Other Post will also be Automatic Link For Linking of the site, for this you will have to follow some easy steps, after that your other posts will be automatic link in every post.

(Meaning your remaining 4-5 posts in one post will be Automatic Show, it is called Automatic Internal Linking.)
Friends, this is a very good way through which there are chances of more traffic coming to your blog. And how can you do this in a very simple way,

today I will tell you the How to create Automatic Internal Links In Blogger.


Steps to Create Automatic Internal Linking in Blogger Post:-

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1 : First You Log In to The Blogger

 2. After that you have to click on Theme.

3. After that whatever theme you have installed in your Blogger will be shown, you have to click on Edit HTML here.

4. After clicking on Edit HTML, you have to control + F in your keyboard, then a search tab will appear in front of you </head>

5. When you do a search by typing </head> after that, wherever you see written </head> text, you have to paste these codes above it. The codes are given below for you to download as CSS Scripts.

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Download Automatic Internal Linking CSS SCRIPT - Click Here

6.  After Paste the CSS Script, you have to do Control + F again and this time you have to search by typing <data: post.body />.

7. When you search by writing this <data: post.body /> code, then you will see all the codes with this name, you have to enter the last where the code is written and you have to enter all the codes in the HTML script under it.  You can download HTML Script from below.
Download Automatic Internal Linking HTML SCRIPT - Click Here

8. When you will paste the codes of both these scripts in your Blogger Template, after that you have to save theme.

9. After that, as soon as you visit your Blogger website, you will start to show Automatic Internal Linking Post in each of your posts.


Friends, you have to paste these two codes correctly and right where we told you. And this Automatic Internal Post Linking will definitely help in bringing traffic to your website.

Friends, one thing you must keep in mind is that if you paste these codes in the wrong place in your HTML codes, then problem can also come in your website, so where we have told you that you paste the codes of both scripts.

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